Monday, September 04, 2006

Pool and pool life

Before moving on to show you around the place we left in California Street (below), I feel I should show you what most defines the present abode to most of those who have visited - the pool. This photo was taken the evening we moved in. You can see the 'rust stain' at bottom right, and the machine that collects most of the leaves which sink to the bottom.
...Living on the edge of the Torrens Valley, we have a fair few ducks passing through or over our yard. Some just can't resist enjoying their own private pond for awhile...
These two appeared to be considering the local environs for their new family home. Even though I have a fondness of ducks (see here and here), I hope I have dissuaded them. Visitors, I don't mind. Ducklings in our pool during its first summer would be a bit much!

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