Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gibbous Moon and Plane

I was taking a moon shot recently, and captured the above image. The odds of being set up for a tripod shot to catch this are pretty big against, so I was pretty chuffed. The grandkids love the photo, combining two of their favorite subjects - "aeroplane and luna moon!"

This was a slightly earlier shot, and this ...

has had Arcsoft's Photoimpression 'enhance' done to it. The image is breaking up with noise, so I used 'neatimage' to clean it. I gotta say, I love stargazing etc, and it's pretty impressive what my 12x zoom can pull up. I think that (in theory) I should be able to catch Saturn's rings and Jupiter's spot (can see them through binoculars with less power, so we'll see).

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