Saturday, July 29, 2006

Freckled Duck

Actually, this guy is a Maned (Wood) Duck. I have had to leave the inaccurate title to this post, however, because if I change it in the interest of accuracy I can't link directly to the post anymore. I think this is only a problem in blogger in the archives, because the problem fixed up when I changed post title to the inaccurate 'freckled duck'. Anyway, I'm sure you'll agree he's worth a look!

The sound of this duck I saw at Gawler was really weird, something like the percussive cough a kookaburra makes as a prelude to laughing. He wasn't happy that I hung around at 12 zoom.

I think he's a Maned (Wood) Duck - although the listed sound for the species doesn't quite gel.

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