Thursday, December 07, 2006

Front Pergola Plants

This photo was taken of the growing collection of pot plants gathered under the shadecloth covering the pergola outside our front door. It was taken in early November. The photos in the following two posts were taken at the end of November. You might be able to see that some of the plants have noticeably grown, and that there are more of them. As summer comes along and they continue to fill out, we should end up with a lush entry way. I hope to track the growth of this in this blog.

The only downside to it all is that I have to water them each day. Thus, although there's little gardening to be done at our house, what there is needs doing every day. Which makes it at least as much a task as the more infrequent cycles required at our previous abode.

Not that I mind doing it. It's just the 'have to' bit ...


art said...

This is the kind of blog I love.

Everyday Picutres... and from a different part of the world as well..

I will book mark it ...nice to have your comments

Art... from Canada & PennsylvaniaUSA

Pleader said...

Thanks Art. I enjoyed visiting your blog also. I think I set it as a goal when I started current project to show Adelaide (my life therein, including side trips, actually) rather than touristy shots. There's plenty of them elsewhere. Like you, I like getting a glimpse of how and where other souls are getting on. Nice to know that I'm not the only one so inclined. By the way, it's gone over 40'C today.