Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

It's the third anniversary of my marriage to my darling wife! These two pictures were taken at dawn on our wedding day, looking out over a golf course in Glasgow, Scotland (I was married in a kilt).

It's hard to warrant, but some mad scotsmen were up at dawn playing in the snow!

For interest's sake, these photos were taken in 2003 on a borrowed Kodak (?) digital camera which was already then 10 years old. It had optical zoom to 10x and used floppy disks (!) to store the photos on. It could take around 25 photos per disk. Amazingly, each photo was between only 45KB and 80KB. When it was new, apparently, it cost three thousand dollars (?!). Looking back on it, an amazing piece of industrial gadgetry - evoking similar feelings to an antique singer sewing machine. Its optical zoom capacity set the benchmark for me when it came to purchasing a camera of my own.

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