Friday, December 22, 2006

My Rant about Big Brother on Blogger

Okay. Let me have my little political rant here. To post up pictures from this point on in this blog I have to electronically register my agreement to a set of terms and conditions that I have no ability to negotiate over. Not only that, but it is probably not legally enforceable but they can excise my ability to use this site without recourse for whatever they now or forever might regard as a breach of these terms and condition which I am compelled to register my agreement to. Obviously 'freedom of speech' is dying in the US, and faces a similar fate on the web. Afterall, if I had to tell Big Brother who I really was, rather than the loved ones who know me already by the time they come here, if they take away my freedom to be known as 'Pleader' to my web friends, then I'd have to reconsider whether I wanted to continue this wonderful practice of blogging.

You know, I hate bullies. And uncle sam is one of the worst.

But, for you my viewers, I will make the sacrifice.

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