Sunday, December 31, 2006

Red Wattle Bird

This juvenile Red Wattle Bird has been scrounging around our front yard for several weeks. He's pretty alert and, without appearing shy, he has generally managed to avoid my getting my camera pointed at him, let alone my getting a good shot, quite easily. This shot was taken before 7am on Friday, after he had flown into one of the big trees at the front of our place. I got this snap looking into the foliage from balcony level. I particularly like the fact that the only part of him which is still is his eye.

These guys make a squawky 'clacking' sound when they reach maturity. Quite an interesting bird, they tend to do things we associate with smaller birds. It belongs to one of the larger species amongst the 'honey eater' family of birds. I suspect it is classified in this way because of its behaviours.

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