Monday, January 29, 2007

Trip to Kapunda

On Saturday arvo I went for a trip from Hamley Bridge to Riverton to see relatives, and took a further sidetrip to visit Kapunda to visit the cemetary where my great grandfather is buried on my return. These towns are at what I would call the southern edge of South Australia's 'Mid North'. They lie a bit over an hour's drive from home. The above photo is a roadside shot, showing the hills above which I saw several wedgetailed eagles circling. The moon has just risen above the trees to the left.

This is a picture overlooking Kapunda, with the hospital complex on the left and the main town to midright. It is another panoramic shot, originally part of a 360' view taken from a marked lookout. Kapunda is Australia's 'oldest mining town', or so the sign says. It was once a major copper mine, but was drained to support Britain's effort in WWI. It survives now as an agricultural centre of over a thousand souls.

My great grandfather lies buried in Kapunda Cemetary. He no longer has a tombstone.

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