Saturday, January 20, 2007

Final Race and Summing Up

The Drivers are pretty gutsy people. They kept putting themselves on the line long after most of the crowd had left following Race 7. Above, D Douglas driving 'Angel Force' plots his way through the pack in Race 10. Below, P Cavallaro takes 'Apache Blue Jean' past 'Countessa Hest' (driven by C Lang) on the last lap of the evening.
'Tough Tussle' sweeps around the pack on the same lap.

Seeing them come up the straight for the last time to the finish line made me think of chariots.

There were still several thousand people present to enjoy the final race of the night. It had been great fun, and not too expensive. Four of us spent $35 to get in, about $50 on bets (of which we won over $30 back), and maybe $15 on hot drinks (we brought a picnic hamper along with our seats and blankets).

A good night out.

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