Saturday, January 20, 2007

2007 Interdominion Pacing Final

The dusk had reached its peak during the pre-race ceremonies, and as the horses warmed up they were illuminated only by the floodlights. Above is a photo of 'Foreal' entering the main straight. I had to increase my camera's sensitivity ratings at this point, so there's a bit of digital 'noise' on the photos from here on in. Below, Reba Raja puts on a burst on the second lap.

'Blacks a Fake' came home as the favorite, for her second InterDominion championship in a row. She was a mare driven by a female jockey, making for a remarkably popular victory.

After the race her owners received their prize money and their trophy, seen held here by their representative (centre) being interviewed for cable tv after the win. Doesn't he look excited?

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