Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Site Update

You'll notice I've updated my blog a bit. Took a few days, and will no doubt take a few days more to get it the way I like it. For your info, I have added a photo to, and updated the text of, my 'profile'. I have put a few significant links to other sites up on the side bar, changed the format of my archives, and added a few selected links to photos from this site.

If you're thinking of getting a photoblog of your own, I'd advise you to first check out the photoblogging site in the links. It is packed with useful stuff!


nicholas said...

i had at first thought they were friendly nibbles, but i seem to be developing a nasty rash...of course, this could be bedsores attributed to watching too much daytime tv in my pants.

nice to virtually meet you mr pleader sir. keep in touch.

i remain, as ever, your humble servant.

Pleader said...

And you, will do.