Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pubs - The Albion Hotel

A nice little feature I might include on this blog is an occasional spotlight on the pub's of Adelaide and its environs. Some of them are pretty impressive. One such was The Criterion Hotel on King William Street. They tore it down last week. Sad. So I might as well record other watering holes before they fade from existence.
For example, we went for lunch today to The Albion (Churchill Road, Kilburn). As you can see, it's not exactly a 'classic' or 'colonial' pub, nor is it 'neaveux'. More like mid seventies bessa brick...

F5.6 1/320 ISO80

The only entrance is in the shady bit behind the bus stop on Churchill Road. That is, unless you go around the rear carpark from where you can walk straight into the Pokie room.

F5.6 1/320 ISO80

The meals were really nice, by the way!

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