Sunday, June 04, 2006

Introduction to Photos from my life.

Me, playing with the Camera on Full auto in Brisbane

To those of you who have visited my other web nodes (click here and here if you wish to see them) will know that I've recently had access to a decent camera. I've always enjoyed taking photos, trying to get pics that capture a moment or a place. People aren't my favorite topic, and there's reasons not to feature them too much on the web in any event. I'll show you who I am because (a) if you've come back this far in the archive you deserve it, and (b) I think it helps to understand the pictures if you can get a little into the headspace of the photographer.

The idea of this blog will be to keep a record of my current camera travels online. It will eventually become a bit of a resource for folks wanting to look at Adelaide and its surrounds through the eye of a local, you can go elsewhere for the guidebook photos.

We'll see how it evolves. Welcome aboard...

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