Thursday, March 29, 2007

Local Footy Game - Trial Match

The big men fly at the centre bounce of the local level footy game I went to a week ago.

The agility of some of these big men is quite amazing. Here, one of the local Para Hills hardmen dodges his way though a bunch of Croydon Hawks to get to the footy.

Here, a Hawk takes a 'mark' (catch). Play stops for him to have a free kick after he marks the ball.

This tackle shows what happens if the opposition gets to you. In this instance, the (red) Para hills player is 'handballing' the ball as he is tackled. You can't throw the ball in footy, forwards or backwards. You actually have to either kick the ball, or strike it with a clenched fist. Obviously, footy can be an aggressive game.

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