Monday, February 19, 2007


I am sorry that I haven't put up photos in the past fortnight with my usual regularity. In fact, with no pictures at all going up it is the slackest period I've had in over half a year. Why is this? Got a bit to do with the fact that we are undergoing the full summer heat - which means lots of time spent doing nothing by the pool, or being friendly with people who (with great welcome) come around to jump in the pool. And when that's all done, there's not a lot of time left for doing all those things which usually fill up the hours (if you didn't know, keeping a blog at a high state of activity over a sustained period is quite an undertaking). Anyway, It's not that I've forgotten about it or decided to leave it be, it's really something like a blog holiday.

Maybe I'll do what some of my favorite photo bloggers do - take a photos of a lot more subjects than you immediately use, and post up the (quality) excess on the days which you don't otherwise post.

Will return fully photographically refreshed in the very near(ish) future...

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