Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Morialta Conservation Park Hike - 5 Sept2006

Late in the morning during my recent holidays I went for a hike in the Morialta Conservation Park. It lies about 10km from home. Over the years I've had a few hikes in this park, and like it so much I used to occasionally ride my bike from the seaside at West Beach just to walk in the park!
This time, I parked the car in the free public car park (to your left as you first enter (just to the free side of the recently added pay-as-you-go boom gates)). Then, rather than take the typical walk to the old kiosk carpark further up the Morialta Gorge, I crossed the access road and went up one of my favorite and lesser known tracks - Hogan's Track. It just keeps going up for the first half a kilometre.
... This is a view back down the track, about half way to where it levels off as you get closer to Pretty Corner.

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